Design and Technology

Our curriculum vision is reflected in Design and Technology through the key concepts of:           

Designing - Making - Evaluating

Designing is the planning process for the construction of an object or system. This links with Community in that it requires the sharing and contributing of ideas.

Making is the process of producing something. This links with Environment in the consideration of the potential use of the product and Growth in terms of the realisation of potential.

Evaluating is part of the iterative design process in which an appraisal is give of the effectiveness, usefulness and precision of the object. This links with Spirituality in that it requires reflection and deep thought.

Our curriculum statement details Intent, Implementation and Impact for Design and Technology

Our progression map shows the sequencing of learning which enables teachers to build on children’s prior knowledge and plan a series of lessons which will enable children to achieve the end points specified.

Granular Detail Documents specify the disciplinary and substantive content which will be taught. Key objectives are those which need to be embedded in children’s long-term memories.

Useful Documents

Progression Map - Design and Technology May 2023

Statement of Intent for Design and Technology at LHCEPS