Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Little Houghton CE Primary School is an ‘All Together Gold’ school as certified by the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Little Houghton CEVA Primary School were awarded a gold-standard award for ‘child-led’ anti-bullying measures which were put in place during 2020-21.

The school was named as an ‘All Together Gold’ school after prioritising anti-bullying for a number of months.

The gold award, dovetails incredibly well with Christian values such as compassion, generosity, justice and dignity and supports a strong Christian school ethos.

As one of the Year 6 children commented, ‘All of these things have helped to make Little Houghton a happier, joyful school. We are very proud to be awarded a certificate as an All Together Gold school, for showing our work in stopping bullying and improving the wellbeing of everyone. We love coming to Little Houghton School!’

Further News on the Anti-Bullying Initiative at Little Houghton CEVA Primary School

We have a group of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Little Houghton Primary School who have been trained through the Diana Award;

Here they describe a little bit about what they do:

"We want to make sure that at our school, we focus on spreading kindness and creating a supportive school environment. We want everyone to flourish, ‘like a flower of the field’ - this is our school vision (Psalm 103:15)".

"We now have a colourful buddy bench and it’s so great to see people sitting with the cuddly toys we put on it, playing and talking together. There’s never any shortage of friends here".

"We also set up a “meet and greet” system at the gate to welcome everyone in each morning, using some big, bright, colourful posters. This means that everyone knows who we are and what we stand for. Parents have said lots of lovely things to us too, which is so good!"

"We have also made positivity pouches and compliments cards and we love hearing the compliments that we pay each other being read out and shared. We think it has really helped in improving our wellbeing too".

Class 1 have created some wonderful art work as well - it shows how we all fit together in a jigsaw of differences, diversity, skills and talents, like one big caring community.

Our next step is to get working on our Community award so we’ll be looking to share everything we do with you then, hopefully in school and very soon!

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

As our children tell us ‘I feel like I’ve always got a friend’ and ‘I know how important respect and kindness are’.

All of this hard work has led to the ambassadors receiving their Wellbeing badges from the Diana Award with some brilliant feedback from this organisation:

"We’ve reviewed your evidence and we were overwhelmed with how much thought and effort you’ve put into your anti-bullying initiatives. It seems like all of the activities have had a great impact on the students in your school".

As part of the Community Award, the Governors’ Faith Committee and the Anti-Bullying Governor were invited into school for a presentation by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors about their work so far.

This is what they said:

"It was a wonderful presentation – the governors were impressed with the amount of work undertaken relating to the Diana Award, the breadth of knowledge and the thoughtful initiatives from the children themselves which highlight their determination to promote anti-bullying in school. However, most impressive of all was the true empathy that the children displayed in the answers they gave in response to some difficult questions from the governors. The ideas for extending awareness will be time consuming and challenging but they will further spread the message that bullying is unacceptable".

The Anti-Bullying ambassadors also visited two local schools to present their work and were also able to present to our School Improvement Consultant.

As a result of this work, the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors also received news that they had been successful in achieving their Community award too!

Anti-Bullying Week at Little Houghton CE Primary School 2022

Our work during Anti-Bullying week reflects our ongoing commitment to Anti-Bullying.

Class 1 (Reception and Nursery) drew pictures and talked about how they care for each other:

"me and V are helping E because she hurt herself, so we are caring for her’. ‘Now she’s happy again and we are all playing together"...

"this is me and my friend, we are talking kind words to each other, so we are kind and happy"...

"when you take turns, it’s fair"…

"when you let people play games with you it makes them happy"

"we are holding hands and caring for each other"...

Class 4 have written an Anti-Bullying Rap which goes like this and sums up our commitment to reach out:

In our school we show respect,

We want to have the ‘kind’ effect.

We share and play together as one,

Listen to our reach out song.

Don’t be mean

Don’t be unkind

Don’t hurt others

Or play with their mind.

Think before you say

Think before you do

Be kind to others

They’ll be kind to you.

Don’t kick, don’t punch

Don’t call people names

Bullying isn’t

One of our aims.


Speak to your teacher

Speak to your friend,

That way bullying

Can come to an end.

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