Our curriculum vision is reflected in MFL through the key concepts of:

Oracy - Literacy

Oracy refers to the range of speaking and listening skills, behaviours and language necessary for effective communication and collaboration. Within MFL this can be linked with our focus on Growth (realising our potential), Community (sharing and contributing) and Environment (appreciating local and global environments)

Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials. It can be linked with our focus on Growth (realising potential, developing understanding) and Community (sharing and contributing). It is also enables us to reflect and think deeply about how and what we communicate.

Our curriculum statement details Intent, Implementation and Impact for MFL- French.

Our progression map shows the sequencing of learning which enables teachers to build on children’s prior knowledge and plan a series of lessons which will enable children to achieve the end points specified.

At Little Houghton CEVA Primary School, the MFL curriculum is implemented using the Catherine Cheater programme of study to teach French, along with other resources including music, singing, reading and rhymes. We believe that this scheme provides comprehensive, structured lessons, enabling good learning and knowledge acquisition to take place.

Useful Documents

Progression Map - MFL

Statement of Intent for French LHCEPS