Our curriculum vision is reflected in science through the key concepts of "Explore" and "Enquire"


Exploration refers to the employing of the senses to the action, or process of closely observing or monitoring something or someone. This is linked with our school vision of Spirituality (thinking deeply) and Environment (appreciation).


Enquiry refers to the quest to find the answer to a question, using a scientific method. This is linked to our school vision of Community (contributing) and Growth (developing understanding and questioning).

Our curriculum statement details Intent, Implementation and Impact for Science

Progression maps show the sequencing of learning which enables teachers to build on children’s prior knowledge and plan a series of lessons which will enable children to achieve the end points specified.

We teach Science using the scheme Snap Science because it has the key concepts of exploration and enquiry woven throughout.

  • Exploration - Stimulating and maintaining children’s natural curiosity is fundamental to good science teaching and learning.’ (Quoted from Snap Science).
  • Enquiry- ‘A scheme of work that has science enquiry at its’ heart requires children to learn to use a variety of approaches to answer relevant scientific questions.’ (Quote from Investigations: Developing Understanding: Association for Science Education.)

Useful Documents

Progression Map Science May 2023

Statement of Intent for Science LHCEPS