Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

In Class 2 we love stories. We use oral storytelling, books and drama to help us with our learning. Learning takes place as a whole class and in small groups. Sometimes the children carry out independent jobs, choosing from a menu of activities to complete throughout the week. These activities will cover a range of curriculum subjects, often revisiting and deepening previous learning.

English covers reading and writing. The children are introduced to a wide range of books and read with an adult individually or as part of a group at least once per week. We also have whole class reading sessions, where we read aloud together and talk about the book. Many of our writing lessons focus on the basic skills of sentence writing, building up towards writing longer pieces of writing. These may be linked to a book or to our connected curriculum topic.

Maths takes place in small groups, following the White Rose maths curriculum. The children learn how to use concrete resources to understand mathematical concepts and to solve problems, moving on to pictorial representations and written number problems.

Much of our connected curriculum is taught through Mantle of the Expert (; the children become a team of experts, solving problems within a fictional context. For example, they might be Lost and Found officers, finding and rehoming lost animals; or they might be fire fighters in 1666, helping King Charles II to keep London safe following The Great Fire. These fictional contexts cover a lot of our subject learning; English, Science, History, Geography, Art and D.T. We have separate lessons for: P.E, R.E. Music, Maths and PSHE.

R.E. is taught through our Christian values, the Understanding Christianity scheme and the Peterborough Diocese syllabus.

Class 2 is busy and creative; we always have a project on the go!

You can find out more about what we get up to on the class blog:

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