Vision & Values

‘Learning for Life’


  • Growth – realising our potential
  • Community – sharing and contributing
  • Spirituality – reflecting and thinking deeply
  • Environment – appreciating local and global environments

So that each child can flourish – like a flower of the field
(Psalm 103:15)

Mission Statement:

We aspire to attain high academic and moral standards, and to encourage emotional and spiritual development, based on the values of the Christian faith.

Our sense of community is reflected in our Ethos Statement:

We are a Christian school working in partnership with parents and the wider community:

  • Which maintains a welcoming, secure and inclusive environment
  • Where God’s love is demonstrated and taught and where the emphasis is on the value God places on each individual
  • Where we promote personal responsibility, good citizenship and Christian and British Values that develop high behavioural and moral standards based on the teachings of Jesus Christ
  • Where we aspire to attain high academic standards, enable pupils to achieve their full potential and develop a lifelong love of learning
  • Where true faith and sound learning flourish within the traditions of the Church of England
  • That reflects on the spiritual values of the Christian church
  • That epitomises core Christian values