Our curriculum vision is reflected in the Physical Education (PE) curriculum through two key concepts:

Health - Fitness                                             

Health refers to the state of children’s physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional well-being and can be linked with our focus on Growth (realising potential) and Spirituality (reflecting and thinking).

Fitness refers to children’s ability to perform physical activities associated with daily life and can be linked with Growth, and Community (sharing and contributing).

Our curriculum statement details Intent, Implementation and Impact for PE.

Progression maps show the sequencing of learning which enables teachers to build on children’s prior knowledge and plan a series of lessons which will enable children to achieve the end points specified.

We use the Cambridgeshire Scheme of Work for Physical Education, which supports clear skills and a knowledge-based progression. This ensures that skills and knowledge are built on year by year, and sequenced appropriately, to maximise learning for all children.

Useful Documents

Progression Map - Athletics

Progression Map - Games

Progression Map - Gymnastics

Progression Map - Outdoor and Adventurous Activity

Progression Map - Dance

Statement of Intent for PE LHCEPS