Our curriculum vision is reflected in Art and Design through the key concepts of:


Exploration is the process of both experimenting with and manipulating the subject matter and also the medium.

This links to Community – sharing and contributing and Environment – appreciating all that is available in the environment to inspire and allow opportunities for observation and investigation.

Creation of a work of art is the bringing about of a new combination of elements in the medium.  The elements existed before but not in the same combination.  Creation is the reformation of these pre-existing materials

This links to Spirituality –reflecting and thinking deeply and Growth – it allows us to realise our potential.

Our curriculum statement details Intent, Implementation and Impact for Art and Design.

Our progression map shows the sequencing of learning which enables teachers to build on children’s prior knowledge and plan a series of lessons which will enable children to achieve the end points specified.

Granular Detail Documents specify the disciplinary and substantive content which will be taught. Key objectives are those which need to be embedded in children’s long-term memories.

Useful Documents

Art vocabulary progression 2024

Art skills progression 2024

Statement of Intent for Art and Design LHCEPS