Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Little Houghton CE Primary School is an ‘All Together Gold’ school as certified by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 

Little Houghton CE Primary School were awarded a gold-standard award for ‘child-led’ anti-bullying measures which were put in place during 2020-21. 

The school was named as an ‘All Together Gold’ school after prioritising anti-bullying for a number of months. 

The gold award, dovetails incredibly well with Christian values such as compassion, generosity, justice and dignity and supports a strong Christian school ethos. 

As one of the Year 6 children commented:

‘All of these things have helped to make Little Houghton a happier, joyful school. We are very proud to be awarded a certificate as an All Together Gold school, for showing our work in stopping bullying and improving the wellbeing of everyone. We love coming to Little Houghton School!’ 

Latest News

We also have a second group of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs) at Little Houghton CE Primary School who have been trained through the Diana Award; 

We are delighted to have been awarded "Anti-Bullying School of The Month" for December 2023 from The Diana Award and also to have received our Wellbeing Badge from them in recognition of the campaigns we have been running in school.  

Here our ABAs describe the difference they make: 

"We want to make sure that at our school, we focus on spreading kindness and creating a supportive school environment. We want everyone to flourish, ‘like a flower of the field’ - this is our school vision (Psalm 103:15)"

Our children tell us:

‘I feel like I’ve always got a friend’ and ‘I know how important respect and kindness are’. 

The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Lots of hard work went into to the ambassadors receiving their Wellbeing badges from the Diana Award with some brilliant feedback from this organisation: 

Congratulations, we are awarding you the Wellbeing Badge! This is a great achievement for your team and we hope you will all be very proud of your hard work. 

You are being awarded the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Wellbeing Badge because you have shown: 

  • Your commitment to making your school a safe and supportive environment for all by introducing daily 'Meet and Greets' where Ambassadors welcome students and parents/carers into school in the morning, and let them know about your Anti-Bullying Ambassador team.
  • Your dedication to supporting students' wellbeing by providing a Buddy Bench and taking soft toys to students who are using it. It's great to see that other students use the bench and know they can come to your team for support!
  • Your creativity in organising a poster competition to educate your school community about wellbeing, safe spaces and self-care tips. This is a brilliant way to share knowledge and include your whole school in your anti-bullying work!
  • Your commitment to spreading joy in school by delivering a 'Compliments Box' and sharing the compliments at the end of each week - what a lovely way to encourage positivity and kindness!
  • Your successful efforts to run a whole school feel-good event during Anti-Bullying Week. We love that you focused on mental health and wellbeing and came together at the end of the week to celebrate. Well done! 


We are determined to continue our excellent work in this area so that Little Houghton CE Primary School is a safe, inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and flourish. 

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