At Little Houghton CE Primary School, we take safeguarding very seriously and believe that it is everyone’s responsibility.

We regularly participate in external and in-house safeguarding training and ensure staff members follow the necessary policies and procedures.

  • Open Communication: We have developed a culture where all staff and volunteers feel comfortable in raising concerns with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) or Deputy DSL in regards to children or other adults.
  • Training: The DSL delivers training which enables everyone to carry out their safeguarding responsibilities effectively. Full training for everyone is updated at least annually and further specific training sessions are held throughout the year.
  • Address Safety Throughout: We address the safety and welfare of our children throughout the curriculum. This includes lessons on conflict resolution, discrimination, online safety and anti-bullying.
  • Spot Safeguarding Issues: If we notice that a child is in danger, we act professionally and discreetly when responding to a safeguarding concern and follow the correct processes.
  • Policies and Procedures: All safeguarding policies and procedures are shared with and followed by all members of staff in the school, including any volunteers and visitors.
  • Support Systems: We put appropriate support systems in place for children who may have experienced issues relating to their safety and/or wellbeing. We may also signpost to services who can assist via consultations, assessments and further support.
  • Promote Healthy Relationships: We promote healthy relationships through the whole school ethos, lessons and worship.
  • Promote Sources of Help: We also ensure that sources of help, such as Childline, are promoted around the school so children know where to go to get help.
  • Provide Information to Parents: We provide appropriate and relevant safeguarding information to parents so that we can work together to address safeguarding concerns e.g. online safety.
  • Safer Recruitment: When recruiting new staff and volunteers we follow safer recruitment principles. These ensure that we make the appropriate checks on staff and volunteers.
  • Review Policies Regularly: We review our policies and procedures carefully at least annually. 

Safeguarding Team

Our DSL is Mrs Carolyn Fairbrother (headteacher) and the deputy DSL is Mrs Helen Simpson (Class 2 teacher).  They can be contacted via the school telephone number - 01604 890788 or via e mail: